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The Sense of Spirits ambassador Program

Why become a Sense of Spirits ambassador ?

Our ambassadors get access to a range of benefits incl.

  1. Discounted rates on list prices
  2. Coupons for their clients
  3. Free access to our products and promotional products (incl. glasses)
  4. Join our events

How to become a Sense of Spirits ambassador?

Our network of ambassadors contribute to the development of Sense of Spirits and helps with the sharing of its values. We are eager to get new ambassadors onbaord and the qualities, you should possess are:

  1. Strong interest in wine, spirits, cocktails or other premium drinks
    • Passoniate about tasting and/or mixology
    • Ready to share "casual luxury" moments and transpose our values
  2. Communication skills
    • Ready to organise events, tasting in colloboration with us and our PR agency
    • Engage on social media incl. Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn
  3. Business acumen
    • Able to offer our products to individuals
    • Get traction from professionals

The values of our ambassador program

As brand ambassador, you embody Sense of Spirits values. At the heart of the company creation, we strive to share a unique cognac experience with consumers who might have some familiarity with the legendary spirit, but are for the vast majority new to this world, in particular women and young adults eager to try premium unique products. This sharing should be a moment of casual luxury and a sense arousing experience where art plays a central role. We bend some rules and but pay particular attention:

  • Valueing all stakeholders in the value chain
  • Responsible product with healthy products
  • High quality products with direct experience sharing
  • Art in different forms and shades
By enforcing this rules, our ambassadors and ourselves can elevate our "casual luxury" brand towards élégance, finesse and simplicity and share unique moments with consumers in quest for savoury emotions, originality and new taste experiences.

Products and taxes

Where does Sense of Spirits produces its products?

All Sense of Spirits products are assembled and bottled in the cognac region, also known as the French spirits valley. On the banks of the Charente, a world unique expertise was created around cognac but also for vodka, gin whiskey and other spirits. We select directly our eaux de vie in the cellars of independent wineries and collect other high value products such as tea directly with producers. The assembling is done in cognac under the supervision of our master blender and associate to craft unique scents and aromas.

Why does the price differ in different regions?

Alcoholic beverages are subject to excise duties which are not harmonized in Europe As an example, a bottle of cognac can have excise duties ranging from less than 2€ to almost 15€ :

Distribution and export

The world of cognac is by essence associated to global trade and we constantly look for value-added reseller and distributors that will understand our art and savoir- faire. From our logistics centre in Hamburg, we can ship everywhere. Please contact us for custom quotes and indicate:

  1. the desired quantities for each product
  2. Your VAT and import number if applicable
  3. Targeted market


Where do your images come from?

With partnered with the artist François Fressinier to shape our brand and products. Born in Cognac, France in 1968 to scholarly portrait photographer parents with an affinity for aesthetics, it was fitting that modern figurative artist, François Fressinier, would develop a unique, enchanting style. His creative style seduced us and fits particularly well with the image of our products. His paintings are often sensual female portraits with expressions and often lead to an oniric voyage.

How can I contact the artist?

To contact Francois Fressinier, reach out to Martin Lawrence Galleries or

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