About Sense of Spirits

   We make Cognac delightful!   

Sense of Spirits sets a new paradigm to taste and enjoy the subtleties of cognac. Our premium products come in different flavours to meet today's generation desire for refinement, delicacy and French finesse.

We create inspiring and timeless lifestyle drinks and strive ourselves to introduce new ways to let people enjoy cognac differently!

An art vector

Various arts are conveyed through Sense of Spirits including the art of producing Cognac, the “Haute cuisine” and painting. Sense of Spirits artworks are created by a renowned artist, Francois Fressinier, from Martin Lawrence Galleries.

Crafted in the French Spirits valley

Located north of Bordeaux, France, the French Spirits valley concentrates a unique know-how for distilling, aging and blending premium spirits.

We continuously explore the valley to uncover the best raw eaux-de-vie and other local secrets. With a quest for excellence, we master the art of blending and create new combinations that speak to your heart and senses.​

We create premium, healthy and responsible products with low sugar and alcohol levels. We operate in High Environment Value certified sites and offer smaller packaging to truly enjoy our products. We value high quality raw products. We also acknowledge the sustainability and environmental-respectfullness by being one of the few C02 neutral brand in the spirits and beverage industry. 

Tasting Sense of Spirits

Opening and sharing our products is a sense-arousing experience. We created our products to let you discover the versatility of cognac and the art of blending it. All our products have a distinctive taste and we strive ourselves to bring together amateurs and also wine, spirits and cocktail lovers: 

  • Cocktail drinkers will fall for the versatility and capacity to enhance the taste of all-star classics

  • Spirit enthusiasts will appreciate our fine and award winning spirits. 

  • Wine drinkers will be seduced by Nr 1 and Nr 2 balanced profiles.

Food pairing options are available for all our Sense of Spirits: with aperitifs, finger food, savory dishes and desserts.


Whatever your drinking preference is, there is a Sense of Spirits for you!

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