XO Emotion is an exquisite Cognac eXtra Old, from the finest Cognac area, the Grande Champagne 1er cru. Our award-winning XO is very elegant and round with a very long and complex finish. Its soft structure seduces male and female palates.

XO - Emotion Assembled and oaked in the finest part of the cognac region "Grande Champagne 1er Cru", our XO is an award wining premium product revealing summer flower bouquet with scents of rancio notes. Lovely in the mouth, the weight and balance combined with a long soft citrus finish spark blazing emotions. Appellation Cognac Grande Campagne contrôlée (AOC). Bottled for Sense of Spirits GmbH in F-16130 Segonzac Artwork “Mélodie vénicienne”© François Fressinier and Chalk & Vermilion. Product of France 40% Alc. Vol, 700 mL Enjoy responsibly!

XO Emotion (Cognac Grande Champagne)

Blending und Altern

Doubled distillation (pot still)

Blend of cognac from fine champagne lands

>6 Jahre Ausbau in Eichenfässern


Aspect: Gold

Nose: Round symphony of aromas

Palate: It develops a bouquet of rancio notes: coffee, candied fruit, tobacco and spices. It first tastes is long and fruity, which reveals the powerful and typical ubtlety of our cognacs of Grande Champagne. The last taste is long and enables you to appreciate the complexity of its aromas.

Wie man´s trinkt

Pairing: On its own or to sublimate gourmet dishes

Serving: Room temperature

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