Award winning Chardonnay with a revealing intense aromatic bouquet mixed with wooden notes. It has an exceptionally long finish. Vins de pays charentais, Indication geographique protegée - IGP. A rare treasure to enjoy and share.

Selected chardonnay vineyard from clay-limestone soil. Hand harvest with transport to small winery. Our wine making process is temperature controlled with short maturation in inert vessels and a finish in oak barrels to attain a round structure and preserve very aromatic flavours (citrus) with light acidity and obtain an exceptional long finish and balance.

White Chardonnay (2018)

Blending & Aging

100% Chardonay hand picked with short maturing in inert vessels and oak barrel finish to reveal citrus bouquet elegantly mixed with wooden flavours.

Vin de pays charentais, Indication Geographique Protégée (IGP)

Shortly aged to give it a round structure

Tasting Notes

ASPECT: Flinster pale yellow

NOSE: Fine, aromatic with citrus and wooden notes - very elegant

PALATE: Round and structured, it reveals a strong armotic bouquet with wooden notes and a complex finish

Pairing & Serving

PAIRING: Grilled fish and white meat. It also accompanies cheese nicely

SERVIING: temperature of 10 to 12°C

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