VS Desire is an enticing Cognac from the finest area in the Spirits valley, namely the "Grande Champagne".  It is a Very Special (VS) which will surprise you thanks to its distincitve fresh bouquet, best revealed frappé, paired in a cocktail or also in gastronomy.

VS - Desire Assembled and oaked in the finest part of the cognac region "Grande Champagne 1er Cru", our VS  is remarkable by its balance of aromas: few vanilla perfumes together with pineapple, candied fruit, and dried figs. It a charming and round cognac and is perfect on ice, with cocktails or on its own. Appellation Cognac Grande Campagne contrôlée (AOC). Bottled for Sense of Spirits GmbH in F-16130 Segonzac Artwork “Le vent dans les voiles”© François Fressinier and Chalk & Vermilion. Product of France 40% Alc. Vol, 700 mL Enjoy responsibly!

VS Desire (Cognac Grande Champagne)

Blending und Altern

Doubled distillation (pot still)

Blend of cognac from fine champagne lands

>2 Jahre Ausbau in Eichenfässern



NOSE: Smooth with harmonious balance of aromas (pineapple, dried figs)

PALATE: Fruity and vanilla notes match up subtly with those of pineapple and dried figs

Wie man´s trinkt

PAIRING: On ice, in long drinks or cocktails

SERVING: on ice or at room temparature

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