Nr 1 - Golden Virgin is the first cognac cocktail ever made, also known as Pineau des Charentes. It has fresh and fruity aromas from the grape balanced with an elegant twist of cognac. The fermentation of white grape Colombard juice is stopped by adding cognac from the prestigious champagne lands.

Assembled and oaked in the French spirits valley in an independent winery, Nr 1 is Appellation Pineau des Charentes contrôlée (AOC). We wanted to exhibit the natural intense flavours of nearly extinct Colombard enhanced by an elegant kick of Cognac fine de Champagne. Our liquour wine with 17% abv is a real virgin form from the Charentes. We found a strong match with the Rhapsody painting from François Fressinier and Chalk & Vermilion. Product of France, may contain sulfites. 17,5% Alc. Vol, 200 mL or 750 mL, Enjoy responsibly!

Nr 1 - Golden Virgin (17% abv)

Blending & Aging

75% Colombard: nearly extinct local grape, fresh and fruity honeydew, white peach

25% Cognac from prestigious champagne lands

Aged for min 2 years in oak cast

Tasting Notes

ASPECT: Glittering gold

NOSE: The powerful and fruit-driven nose opens on boxwood and dried fruit

PALATE: Ample and smooth attack on flower notes leads into a mid-palate which displays touches of flavours return on a long, zesty and fresh finish.

Pairing & Serving

PAIRING: aperitif, with cheese such as Comté or paired with desserts

SERVING: temperature of 10 – 12°C

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