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Cognac made delightful!

Sense of Spirits sets a new paradigm to taste and enjoy the subtleties of cognac. Our premium products come in different flavours and formats to meet today's generation desire for refinement, delicacy and French finesse.

We craft a range of premium products from the cognac region and received some interest lately from the UK market.

Our customers relate very much to our unique positioning since we market the excellence and of cognac in unconventional ways.

  • We add an artistic touch to elegant “Grande Champagne” Cognac VS and XO with VS-Desire and XO-Emotion

  • We rejuvenate an all-star classic from the region, namely “Pineau des charentes” with award winning Red Seduction and Golden Virgin

  • We dare mixing a craft beer with cognac in so called “XO BEER”

  • With our master blender, we launch very special pairings with Very Special Tea and Very Special Tonic


Through this versatile offering, we broaden and feminitize the traditional cognac clientele and also follow the strong low-alcohol movement without compromising on quality and taste.


XO Emotion (Cognac Grande Champagne)

XO Emotion is an exquisite Cognac eXtra Old, from the finest Cognac area, namely the Grande Champagne 1er cru. Our award winning XO is very elegant and round. It sparks all distinctive notes and aromas that one can expect from a well charpented Cognac XO.


Nr 1 - Golden Virgin (17% abv)

Nr 1 - Golden Virgin is the first cognac cocktail ever made, also known as Pineau des Charentes. It has fresh and fruity aromas from the grape balanced with an elegant twist of cognac. The fermentation of white grape Colombard juice is stopped by adding cognac from the prestigious champagne lands.


Very Special Tea (8,5% abv)

When tea meets Cognac (coming soon)
Very Special Tea is the perfect balance for tea and cognac lovers. Light and refreshing, this long drink pairs the cognac valley with the Taiwan tea valley. Our premium product is offered as ready-to-drink cocktail in individual bottles to offer a premium petit plaisir.


XO-BEER (Premium Beer)

XO BEER is a premium beer sublimated with Cognac XO. Balanced and powerful, this unsual pairing works perfectly!


Merlot Rosé (2019)

Very enjoyable rosé made of merlot grape with floral and citrus notes. Ideal for aperitifs with refreshing dishes


White Sauvignon (2018)

Award winning sauvignon revealing aromatic bouquet with light wooden aromas (Vins de pays charentais, Indication géographique protégée)


VS Desire (Cognac Grande Champagne)

VS Desire is an enticing Cognac from the finest area in the Spirits valley, namely the "Grande Champagne".  It is a Very Special (VS) which will surprise you thanks to its distincitve fresh bouquet, best revealed frappé, paired in a cocktail or also in gastronomy.


Nr 2 - Red Seduction (17% abv)

Nr 2 - Red Seduction is the first cognac cocktail ever made, also known as Pineau des Charentes. It associates the most delicate Bordeaux grape (merlot) with a cognac from the Fine Champagne lands. This award winning liqueur wine reveals powerful blackcurrant notes with an elegant long-lasting cognac kick.


Very Special Tonic (12,5% abv)

When tonic meets cognac (coming soon)
A tonic made Very Special thanks our cognac VS and a twist of blackcurrant. VS Tonic is made exclusively in the cognac region also known as French Spirits Valley. Our premium product is offered as ready-to-drink cocktail in individual bottles to offer a premium and responsible petit plaisir.


Merlot Red (2018)

Award winning young merlot revealing intense red fruits aromas from the Cognac region (Vins de pays charentais, Indication geographique protegée)


White Chardonnay 2018

Award winning Chardonnay with a revealing intense aromatic bouquet mixed with wooden notes. It has an exceptionally long finish. Vins de pays charentais, Indication geographique protegée - IGP. A rare treasure to enjoy and share.

“Our ambition is to make cognac a lifestyle drink in line with people' desire for finesse, pleasure and casual luxury.”

Maïa Gebührer, Founder

A Sense of Spirits for you!


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